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Ancient Glass Beads

Ancient Glass Beads have been a very special part of the Rita Okrent Collection. Our ancient beads have origins in the Middle East, Persia, West Africa and Indonesia and date from the Roman and Islamic periods. Rita acquired much of her collection of ancient glass beads in 1993, while traveling in Syria, from a Syrian collector. The collector identified the beads as Phoenician Roman glass and ancient Islamic glass beads found in (now) Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, specifically in the area of Horan, the ancient city of Palmyra, Ataman, and Hara (near Latakia). This was an old collection when Rita purchased it in the 1990's. We do not know when the beads were acquired by the original collector, but most likely in the 190's onwards. Rita also acquired ancient glass beads in the 1980's from an Egyptian dealer and from a dealer of Jatim beads who had acquired his collection in the 1970's in Indonesia. We also have a large selection of Islamic Eye Beads and Islamic period ancient glass beads from Mali and Mauritania.

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