We are passionate about earrings at the Rita Okrent Collection and believe our customers should have elegant and exquisite earrings that they can wear every day, and for special events.

Our earring section differs a bit from other sections of our inventory in that it includes both old ethnographic earrings  from the Collection as well as many newly designed earrings, inspired by Rita and designed by me, her daughter, Jocelyne.

These newly designed earrings utilize a mix of old and new beads sourced from around the world, including Venice, Yemen, Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Yemen and Bali.

The beauty of earrings is that they go with everything, they make wonderful gifts and it seems that one can never have too many.

Note: most earrings are shown with ear wires but can be made with posts too. Please allow extra time for delivery of earrings with posts.


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