Judaica treasures at the Rita Okrent Collection were collected during Rita's travels - she was always on the lookout for old Judaica whether in Cairo, Teheran, Vienna, Paris, Morocco or Israel. Rita grew up in a large Orthodox Jewish family in New Jersey and, although she became a relatively secular Jew as an adult, she always remained very interested in Judaica.

She donated some special items, such as part of a Torah scroll from a ransacked synagogue in Morocco, to a museum, but never sold any part of her collection during her lifetime. She used one beautiful pendant of the ten commandments in a necklace she always wore when flying, as a protective amulet.

Note: We have lowered all regular Judaica section prices by up to 50% as we believe that these items should be shared and owned by the community. We have several items that need to be listed in this part of the collection.

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