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Group of 4, Rita's Sterling Silver 18mm Clasps, Hook Only, Unoxidized - Rita Okrent Collection (CLASPS025)

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Rita designed our handmade sterling silver hook-and-eye clasps for her own use, and found that other designers wanted to buy them too. They are very sturdy and add elegance to the closure of any necklace. They are known for their reliability and beauty by artisans all around the world.

In this listing, we are trying something new -  offering our 18mm clasp with no double eye attached and no oxidization. This clasp is otherwise just the same as our existing lightly oxidized 18mm clasp - sturdy and elegant, and perfect for flexible length necklaces, or any other project that does not require the double eye.

Size references clasp only, not including ring below clasp in measurement.

Thank you for ordering our clasps. We know you will love them as much as we do.

Price per group of 4 clasps.

From the Rita Okrent Collection.

Clasps Item 025

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