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Rita Okrent Collection clasps are known to artisans worldwide for being sturdy and elegant and easy to grasp. Rita designed our handmade sterling silver and gold-over-sterling silver hook-and-eye clasps.  Our finishing beads were a staple in Rita’s bead workshop, used as part of the closure on necklaces, just before the clasp, as an alternative to a crimp bead. See our Necklaces and Necklace Gallery sections for examples of our clasps and end beads in use.  We are delighted to be able to offer these very useful and beautiful necklace closures. We are now offering our clasps and finishing beads by the dozen or half-dozen and in sample sets.

Need a custom grouping of clasps not offered? Just send a request through the website and we will invoice you on a per item basis. For orders of 6 or more clasps. Mix and match!

Note to our customers: We recently increased the prices of our clasps. We have been selling them at cost for a long time and costs have gone up. Thank you for your understanding. They do not ever get discounted, but we do run out of stock.

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