Graduated White, Blue, Green Excavated Ancient Glass Medium Sized Nila Beads, Djenne, Mali - Rita Okrent Collection (AT0636)

Mixed Graduated Blue, Beige, White Ancient Glass Excavated Medium Nila Beads, Mali, W. Africa (AT0636)

 Made along the river Niger. Excavated in Mali.  Estimated to be 600-1000 years old. Also referred to as Dardig beads. 

Strands measure approximately 24" each.  Bead sizes range from 3-7mm in diameter. “Medium” is a relative term comparing these to smaller glass Mali nila beads from our shops.

 The colors of the beads in these strands come out when treated very gently with a tiny bit of olive oil (rub a little on your hands and then handle the beads).  These beads also could be cleaned with water to bring out more color, as in the photos showing darker beads  - some of the white color is patina due to age, exposure to metal and burial. Expect some natural variation between strands from the color pictured and between strands. These beads can also be left as is. 

Strands sold individually. Strands photographed are representative of available strands. Each strand differs a little, but all are similarly nice and the same length. 

African Trade Item 0636

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