Toucouleur Silver Decorated Focal Bead, On Silver Chain, a Traditional Necklace from Mauritania - C504b

A Large Old Toucouler Tukulor Silver Decorated Focal Bead on a Silver Chain.

From the Toucouleur or Tukulor People of W. Africa. May have been used as traditional wedding gift from a groom.

This is a special, hard-to-find pendant. It is decorated beautifully, with a chain connecting to it on both sides.

It would make a stunning addition to a collection and it is wearable as is.

This was most likely made within the last 30 years (based on evidence of wear). Not sterling silver. Looks like a mix of metal and silver.

Approximately 4 inches (90mm) long (including bails). Weighs 36 grams including chain.

Chain length 9 inches each side so total necklace length is approximately 22 inches.

Collector Item 504b

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