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Antique Faceted Purple and Clear Dutch Glass Beads from the 1800's- Rita Okrent Collection (ANT307t)

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Spectacular 26 inch strand of very old Dutch and European faceted glass beads.

Lovely amethyst purple hues. Beautiful range of colors.

Discovered in Mali. 

Produced in the 1800's in Amsterdam to imitate rock crystal and other precious stones in trade with the African and American colonies.

Most of the beads on the strand are faceted, some have worn smooth over time. Several beads have calcification.  One bead is badly chipped but otherwise beads are in good condition. 59 mixed purple or clear antique glass beads on this strand. 

Bead sizes and shapes vary. 9-20mm diameter range. Nice variety in sizes of beads on this strand for all your designs.

You will receive the beads in the photos. 

Antique and Vintage Item 307t

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