Your Chance to Buy Unlisted Inventory/Video Chats Now Available at the Rita Okrent Collection

We miss the days of having customers come to town and stop by to shop in person from the Rita Okrent Collection! The Covid-19 pandemic has moved me towards doing video chat appointments with customers.

These chats have several benefits:

1) Chatting in person allows you to see and purchase unlisted inventory of your choosing. More than 50% of our inventory is unlisted. This includes many odds and ends and fantastic finds from Rita's old collection.

2) It gives you time to ask questions about each item.

3) Special discounts are always a part of the deal! Note, there is a $250 minimum purchase due to necessary prep time for each call.

4) It lets us get to know each other better, you get to see a lot of stuff and I can learn more about your needs in terms of current and future designs or collecting.

How do you set one up a video chat with the Rita Okrent Collection?

Email me at to request a chat. We will discuss items you would like to see / purchase. We will also determine the best technology platform for the call (i.e., Zoom, FaceBook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype, for example). Plan for at least an hour and a possible follow up phone call if needed.

I can't wait to hear from you!

With much love and best wishes for everyone's continued safety and good health,

Jocelyne Okrent
Rita Okrent Collection

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