Visiting the Rita Okrent Collection on your next trip to San Diego

(In the time of Covid-19, we have begun customer video chats - see blog post regarding setting one up!)

We love to meet our customers in person!  Let us know when you are planning a trip in the San Diego area, and we'll set you up an in-person shopping appointment! Plan to spend two hours or more so you can see your preferred selection of our unlisted inventory! Note: Minimum purchase for shopping the full inventory is $500.00, due to the time commitment for preparation and your visit, as we do not have a showroom. 

If you are going to be in town and just want to see a few items in person, let us know and we can meet you at your preferred location.

We also love to see your designs, so always feel that you can send photos of what you've made or are working on, in particular if you think it will help in finding you other useful items in our collection.

The Rita Okrent Collection is based in San Diego County, in the city of El Cajon, CA, in the Fletcher Hills neighborhood, bordering La Mesa and the city of San Diego.

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