Favorite Ethnic Jewelry Reference Books on our Bookshelf at the Rita Okrent Collection (Rita Okrent Collection Blog)

The reference books on this list have our been some of our most useful and regularly used texts in identifying and cataloging items in Rita's collection. We are grateful to the authors for helping us to understand and appreciate the beauty of ethnic jewelry and its history and uses. The research found in these books makes them invaluable resources for a collector's or designer's bookshelf. 

Reference books

"Collectible Beads: a Universal Aesthetic"by Robert K. Liu

"Silver Treasures in the Land of Sheba" by Marjorie Ransom

"Desert Silver" by Sigrid Van Roode

"Egypt's Wearable Heritage" by Jolanda Bos

"Four Centuries of Silver" by Margaret Duda

"African Beads" by Evelyn Simak and Carl Dreibelbis

“The Splendor of Ethnic Jewelry” by France Borel and John Bigelow Taylor

"Africa Adorned" by Angela Fisher

"Magical Ancient Beads" by Jamey D. Allen 

"Les Perles de Mauritanie"by Marie-Francoise Delaroziere

"The Traditional Jewelry of Egypt" by Azza Fahmy

“Beads of the World” by Peter Francis, Jr.

Middle Eastern and Venetian Glass Beads by Augusto Panini

"The History of Beads: from 30,000 B.C. to the Presentby Lois S. Dubin

"Siwa" by Margaret Vale

"Traditional Chinese Toggles" by Margaret Duda

"Ethnic Jewelry and Adornment" by Truus Dalder


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