Cataloging Rita's One-of-a-Kind Original Design Necklaces

Rita was a pioneer in the necklace design and bead world, and was especially known for her original design asymmetrical and multi-strand necklaces using antique and ancient beads and unusual pendants.

Recently, our extended family of Rita's daughters, grandchildren, nieces and grand nieces, inherited the gift of a selection of Rita's designs from our aunt, who had acquired many of Rita's necklaces over the years. 

In an effort to document and catalog some of these old designs, I enlisted the assistance of our friend, writer, editor and bead expert Robert Liu for some photography help.

Then, I also had the opportunity and good fortune to photograph a large group of my sister's collection of our mother's necklaces.

I am delighted to be able to showcase some of them here in our NEW blog (circa 2019/2020) and also I will update as many photos as possible in our Necklace Gallery link in the lower menu of the website home page.

If you have a Rita Okrent original design necklace whose photo and story you would like to share, please contact me at or via our Etsy shop at RitaOkrentCollection and send me a photo of the necklace that I can add to our website. Thank you for your assistance in this project.

Jocelyne Okrent
Rita Okrent Collection











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