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Yemeni Bedouin Silver Hirz Prayer Amulet, with Long Chain Dangles and Top Bail - Rita Okrent Collection (P728)

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Yemeni silver Hirz prayer amulet with long chains and bells, and fine silverwork.

Circa mid-1900's.

Lovely detailed silver work on this pendant with 12 long chains and bells. Chains to bottom of bells measure up to 3.3-3.6 inches (up to 9.1cm) in length. Particularly nice feel to this amulet, as it is solid and has wonderful granulation.

This amulet may have once opened and contained a quote or verse from the Koran or it may have been an element in a traditional wedding necklace or dowry.

Much of the old silver jewelry in Yemen was sold and melted down as there began to be preferences for gold jewelry. Jewelry was also used as a currency for the women in the household, in times of need.

Measures 2.5 inches/ 6.5 cm in length including side bails. Weighs 58.4 grams.

Pendant Item 728


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