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White Greenhearts Venetian Glass Tube Beads from the African Trade - Rita Okrent Collection (AT0875)

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Gorgeous white and neutral hues and variations in these antique Venetian glass Trade beads.

This type of bead is circa 14th to 19th Century, and is made in Venice, and derived from the"white heart" beads known as "Cornaline D'Aleppo".  Although these beads are called green hearts, they have a white center core and another layer of white glass on the outside. These beads are old, so some of the outer layer has chipped off and cracked, making these very rustic looking glass.

30 inch strands (includes raffia - 26 inches of beads).

Bead diameter ranges from 8-10mm. Vary hole to hole from 4-10mm in length.

African Item 0875

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