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Vintage Gilt Granulated Silver Traditional Beaded Bridal Necklace from Mauritania - Rita Okrent Collection (NE321)

Mauritanian traditional wedding necklace with gold-washed granulated silver beads, and gold washed spacers.

Estimated circa 1970's or later.

These beads have fine detailed silversmithing using traditional methods for granulation on these vintage beads.

A very special piece. Could be worn as is or used for its many exquisite handmade beads. If given as a gift, you may wish to restring it as there are gaps between beads from wear (or we can restring it for you with a gold washed Rita clasp!).

Oval beads measure 15mm hole to hole. Round beads measure 9mm+ diameter. Focal oval bead measures 17mm hole to hole. Spacer beads measure 5-6mm diameter.

Necklace measures 18 inches. 37 grams.

Necklace Item 321

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