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Toucouleur Silver Decorated Bicone Focal Bead, On Silver Chain, a Traditional Necklace from Mauritania - Rita Okrent Collection (C504d)

A Large Old Toucouler Silver Decorated Focal Bead on a Silver Chain.

From the Toucouleur or Tukulor People of West Africa. May have been used as traditional wedding gift from a groom.

This is a special, hard-to-find pendant. It is decorated beautifully, with a chain connecting to it on both sides.

It would make a stunning addition to a collection and it is wearable as is.

This was most likely made within the last 50 years (based on evidence of wear). Not sterling silver. Looks like a mix of metal and silver.

Approximately 3.6 inches (90mm) long (including bails). Weighs 33 grams including chain.

Chain length 10 inches each side so total necklace length is approximately 23 inches.

Collector Item 504d

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