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Spectacular Old Yemeni Bedouin Textile with Silver Pendants and Coins and Amber Beads - C516

RESERVED: A large old Bedouin textile covered with old natural amber beads, Yemeni silver pendants and filigree beads.

11 amber beads. 9 filigree silver bead pendants. 11 coin pendants of various sizes. 5 large flat filigree pendants. A bunch of little bells. A bunch of miscellaneous pendants not counted.

This is a find, purchased many years ago in the Middle East.

So many pendants and beads to use here.

Weighs almost 1 pound (over 400 grams) with cloth included. Textile measures 11 inches across and almost 6 inches tall.

As far as we know, this is as it was when purchased (ie nothing removed).

Collector Item 515



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