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Short Tube Mixed Size Translucent Blue Glass Nila or Koli Beads Timbuktu, Mali - AT0072

Short tube-shaped blue glass beads from Mali in strands of mixed sized beads.

These are either an unusual version of medium nila beads or a shorter version of the Koli / Aggrey beads. They are smooth to the touch and most are translucent.

Koli beads were produced in Germany and traded extensively by the Portuguese and are antique. Nila beads were made in Mali and are very old and ancient. 

Beads sizes range from strand from 3.5-6mm diameter.

25 inches of beads per strand.

Only 2 of these in stock.  One has more of the smaller beads (more graduated) than the others. The other has beads which are more consistent in size (mostly 5mm beads).

African Item 0072

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