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Set of 4 Tiny Mauritanian Silver Handmade Aggrab al Fadda Beads, Imperfect Condition - Rita Okrent Collection (ANT459)

Exquisite, very small, matched group of antique or vintage hollow aggrab al fadda beads from Mauritania, in imperfect condition.


Traditionally used on hair braids and in necklaces in Morocco and Mauritania. These beads are collectible and special.


Possibly the smallest aggrab al fadda beads I have seen. Each bead is a beauty. Approximately 13-14mm length, 10mm width.


These four beads have some damage and wear, but are still useful as jewelry supplies and fixable for someone with the skills to work with them.


Specific wear includes 2 with dent and a hole, 1 with a tear and a need to be recentered onto edge (glued), 1 a tiny tear.


These beads are being sold as is. Price accommodates condition. 


Circa 1950's or earlier.


Antique and Vintage Beads 459


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