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Rare Dogon Dugo Hogon Necklaces, Central Mali - Rita Okrent Collection (C580)


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Choice of two Dogon "Dugo" necklaces. 

The Dogon people live isolated from the outside world between the forest regions and the savannah grasslands, on the cliff face of the Bandiagara Plateau, in the central plateau region of Mali.

These necklaces made by Dogon blacksmiths. Blacksmiths are powerful people in Dogon society, holders of pacts with fire, and mentors to male adolescents in their village, providing spiritual guidance about the path to adulthood.

The necklaces are worn by high ranking men, called Hogon (possibly they are also blacksmiths). The necklaces are a made of chain link strips of iron, with metal and stone pendants and are a sign of alliance between the wearer and the spiritual power.

Lots of patina. Designed for everyday wear, with plain segments of chain-linked iron.

Circa early to mid 1900's.

Choice of two necklaces in this listing. Sold individually. See variants.

- Necklace with Bell measures approximately 38 inches (96 cm).
- Necklace with Bell and Stone Pendant measures closer to 30 inches (76 cm).

Reference text: African Beads, Jewels of a Continent (pp. 90-92).

Collector Item 580

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