Rare Antique Small Black Glass Nila Beads, Gao, Mali - Rita Okrent Collection (AT0681)

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Deep Rich Black Glass Excavated Antique Ancient Small Nila Beads, Gao, Mali.

This group of beads was found in the Gao district of Mali, in between Gao and Niger. Believed to have been manufactured along the River Niger, given the very large quantities of them found by locals in this region. Circa 1200-1600 AD.

These wonderful beads are great for design of all sorts of bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Useful as spacers. They wear beautifully with their natural absorption of the body's oils.

Strands include beads measuring 2-6mm diameter. Approximately 23” of beads per strand. Most beads on these strands measure 3-4mm +.

Strands sold individually. Price is per strand.

It is unusual to find full strands of black nila beads.

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