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Short Strands of Antique Amazonite Beads from Mauritania - Rita Okrent Collection (S438)


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Choice of Amazonite bead strands. Amazonite beads from Mauritania and Morocco were used in jewelry and for trade, in times of need.

Price varies by size, color and condition of beads on each strand. Choose from variations on listing to select strand. Bead sizes vary per strand.

Collectible and useful as jewelry supplies.

Strand A: 51.1 grams. 29 beads. 7-18mm diameter. 

Strand B: 36.5 grams. 14 beads. 12-16mm diameter.

Strand C: 33.8 grams. 18 beads. 9-22 mm diameter.  (SOLD)

Stone Item 438

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