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Neolithic Lemon Quartz Citrine Stone Beads from the Sahara, Multiple Sizes - Rita Okrent Collection (S422)


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Neolithic Lemon Quartz Citrine Stone Beads from the Sahara.

These beads were sourced from Neolithic settlements in the Sahara and Sahel (West Africa).

They come from hunter-gatherer societies that did not yet have the skills to fine polish and facet stone beads.

Sold individually, 4 sizes available.

Extra Large - Up to 62mm diameter.
Large: Approx. 1.45” - 1.8" (36 - 47mm) diameter.
Medium:  Between 1.1 - 1.4" (29mm- 35mm) diameter.
Small: Up to Approx. 1.1" (28mm) diameter.  May be smaller: 21mm - 28mm diameter.

The beads in the photos are representative of those available.

The extra large size would make a nice paperweight!

Stone Item 422


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