Medieval Excavated Islamic Period Blue Glass Beads, 25 Inch Strand- Rita Okrent Collection (AG105h)

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Medieval Excavated Islamic Period Blue Glass Beads. 

These very special excavated antique blue Islamic beads are found in Mauritania and Mali, specifically in the caravan towns of Timbuktu, Mopti, Djenne and Gao. They vary in design and wear, patina and iridescence, and are somewhere in between 600-1000 years old (this strand includes a few beads that may be antique but not as old as the others). They have been buried for hundreds of years and may have once had eyes on them, or perhaps were made to be worn with eye beads. Blue is generally used traditionally for protection by Islamic and African societies and people, with or without the eye.

This strand has deep dark blue hues. A few beads have eyes.

57 beads. 25 inches of beads not including raffia.

Mixed shaped beads ranging from 11-14mm diameter each.

Welll worn and beautiful. So many uses for these beads.

Ancient Glass Item 105h

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