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Mauritanian Gold-Washed Granulated Silver Beaded Necklaces, Different Designs, Sold Separately - Rita Okrent Collection (NE400)


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Selection of 7 gold-washed silver beaded necklaces, from Mauritania.

Circa 1980's or later.

Each necklace differs in terms of numbers of beads, lengths, types of beads and focal pendants.

Prices vary, sold individually.

Necklace 1: 28 inch strand, not including pendant. Focal pendant measures 2 inches/5.1 cm high. Beads measure 8-9mm each. Will need restringing due to gaps between beads. 75 grams.

Necklace 2: 43 inches long. 16 tubular beads, connected by rings to 14 large round granulated beads. Focal bead measures 6 cm / 2.3 inches long. Tubular beads resemble traditional prayer cases. Will need new closure. 115 grams.

Necklace 3: 23 inch strand not including pendant. Includes faceted ruby red glass beads adorned with bead caps and 5 sized rectangular beads. Focal pendant measures 5.2 cm/2 inches tall. Small spacers measure 5mm. 137 grams.

Necklace 4: 30 inches long. Includes sparkly amber, red , blue and black glass beads with bead caps. Spacers measure 3-4mm. Focal pendant measures 2 inches/5 cm. 145 grams.

Necklace 5: 16 inches long. Includes glass beads in green and faux carnelian with bead caps. Main focal bead measures 16mm. Larger round granulated beads measure 9-10mm diameter.  48 grams.

Necklace 6: 15 inches long. Includes red and green glass beads with bead caps and small red spacers. Main focal bead measures 13mm diameter. 33 grams.

Necklace 7: 15 inches long. Main flat bicone shaped focal bead measures 17mm end to end and is flanked by two smaller similar beads which measure 13mm end to end. Black glass accent beads with bead caps. Small spacers measure 4.5-5mm each. 25.7 grams.

Necklace Item 400

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