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High Atlas Beads with Hanging Loops, Chains and Suspended Beads, from Morocco - Rita Okrent Collection (ANT491)

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Traditional Moroccan High Atlas Beads with Hanging Loops and Chains and Suspended Red, Blue and/or Green Glass Beads.

These large silver beads come from the High Atlas region of Morocco and are vintage (approx 1960's). The dangles may be more recent.

Two beads available. Sold individually.

Bead with large red beads and loops and chain measures approximately 27mm. and 10.6 cm / 4.2 inches from top to end of chain/dangles.  The bead with the 3 chains and blue and red beads 30mm diameter and 9.4 cm  / 3.7 inchesfrom top to end of chain/dangles.

Please let us know which bead you are purchasing with a note at Checkout.

Antique and Vintage Item 491

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