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Groups of 6 Strands of Ancient Small Djenne Mixed Gray Glass Nila Beads from Djenne and environs, Mali - Rita Okrent Collection (AT0146q)

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Groups of 6 Strands Ancient Excavated Small Gray Glass Nila Beads from Djenne and environs, Mali.

A special quantity/wholesale price on these lovely, humble beads.

Circa 1200-1600 A.D. Bead sizes in 2-4mm range.  Approximately 22" of beads per strand.

Manufactured along the river Niger, in Mali, which had an extensive artisan community and was at a crossroads for trade in West Africa.

Found in large numbers as they were stored in clay pots, banked as currency.

More of the true colors of these wonderful beads come out when treated gently with a tiny bit of olive oil (rub a little on your hands and then handle the beads). Natural skin oils also bring out the richness of their color and age. You will see more depth of gray and some blues (some of the gray color may be dirt on any given strand).

The beads in the photos are representative of those available. I will select strands from among our stock that resemble the examples in the photos.

Note, strands may also contain other colors of beads,  including white beads. No two strands exactly alike.

African Item 0146q

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