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Group of 6 Mauritanian Gilded Silver Gold Washed Fan-Shaped Hair Bead Ornaments - Rita Okrent Collection (C556)

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Group of 6 Mauritanian Gilded Silver or Gold Washed Fan-Shaped Hair Bead Ornaments.


This group is specially priced due to being slightly crushed. Damage is visible in back of pendant. Still useable, may need a little gentle opening. Sold as is.


These hair ornaments come from the Tukolor peoples of Senegal and Mauritania. They are collectible, authentic and very special.


 Circa early to mid-1900s.


Hole at top. Some range in sizes but approximately .75 x .75 inches (19-20mm x 19-20mm).


Price is for all. You will receive the group in the photos.


Collector's Treasures Item 556



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