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Group of 3 Large Natural Antique Baltic Amber Beads from the African Trade - Rita Okrent Collection (C563)

Lovely Antique Baltic Amber Beads from the West African bead trade. These beads were sourced in Mauritania.

 Opaque with caramel and butterscotch colors.

These are natural amber, not copal or phenolic resin.

Amber is often used in traditional jewelry in West Africa and North Africa in both necklaces and hair adornments.

Circa 1800’s or earlier.

Weight: 23.36 grams for the three beads together. 26x22x19mm, 26x20mm and 24-26x16 for the double drilled bead. Hole sizes vary 2mm-4mm. One bead is mended. 

Collector Item 563

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