Gilded Silver Toucouleur Bicone Decorated Focal Bead on Chain, Senegal or Mauritania - Rita Okrent Collection (C507)

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Old Toucouler Gilded Silver Decorated Focal Bead on broken chain, with 4 additional granulated gilded silver beads.

From a traditional Senegalese or Mauritanian necklace from the Toucouleur/Tukulor People of West Africa.  Possibly used as a wedding gift/dowry from a groom.

Lovely detailed silverwork and granulation. Most likely made within the last 50 years (based on evidence of wear). Not sterling silver. Some gold wash is wearing off bead on one end. Otherwise main bead is in very good condition.

Approximately 2.2 inches (58 mm) long.  Beads measure 12mm. 2 beads in good condition, 2 have some damage. Entire necklace weighs 28 grams.

Wonderful for use in jewelry design. We love these unusual large toucouleur bicone beads.

Collector Item 507

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