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Black, Beige and White Large Mix Antique and Ancient Granite Beads, Mali - Rita Okrent Collection (S547)

Reserved: Ancient and Antique Djenne mixed large naturally decorated granite beads, with a few neolithic carnelian beads and other mixed beads, from Mali.

These gorgeous ancient granite beads are handcut, with old techniques, and are hundreds of years old or older. This strand has a lot of useful beads of all shapes, colors and sizes. Lots of nice wear, and lots to work with in your designs. A few neolithic carnelian beads, a faux amber bead, and some agate beads mixed in.

The strand measures approximately 26 inches with 67 beads total.

The beads range on average from 4mm to 20mm hole-to-hole and range from 7-23mm diameter. Hole sizes range from 2-4mm.

285 grams.

Stone Item 547

More granite coming soon

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