Antique Vert-de-Gris Dogon Tribal Bronze Bells, Mali - Rita Okrent Collection (AA300)

Group of 7 Antique Vert-de-Gris Dogon Tribal Bronze Bells

Excavated in Mali.

Sold as a group.

From the Dogon people, who live high in the cliffs of the West African savannah, and make necklaces and jewelry of iron and copper alloy.

These bells are estimated to be at least 150 years old, but may be much older. A customer of ours tells us that she was told by a trader that these “bells" are cups used to house the spirits of the wearer's ancestors.

Measurements vary. Large bell measures 77mm tall (3 inches). Small bells vary but measure in range of 42mm to 51mm / 1.5 to 2 inches (includes loops). These bells do not ring.

These bells each have a little damage, but would still be usable in your designs.Damage accommodated in pricing.

Artifacts and Antiques 300

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