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Antique Tuareg Tcherot Leather Amulet, Mauritania - Rita Okrent Collection (P642f)

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Tuareg Leather and Brass Tcherot Amulet, decorated with a raised button,  from Mauritania.

A nice size for a focal pendant, soft to the touch and still substantial. A very handsome piece.

This particular tcherot amulet has a hole through the top but no hooks. 6 cm at top. 7.6 cm top to middle bottom. 4 cm at smallest part of width.

Tcherot typically contain small objects with amulet properties and carefully folded magical formulas as well as verses from the Koran, all designed to protect and strengthen the wearer or to ensure her fertility. A Tuareg girl receives her first Tcherot from her mother at the age of seventeen. (from the book "African Beads, Jewels of a Continent" by Evelyn Simak)

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Pendant Item 642f



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