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Antique Handmade Mauritanian Silver and Gilded Silver Granulated Beads in Short Strands, Sold by Strand - Rita Okrent Collection (ANT541)


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Magnificent Antique Granulated Gold Washed and Silver Mauritanian Beads. Sold by strand. 12 beads per strand.

Each small bead is a work of art, handcrafted by Mauritanian silversmiths for traditional bridal jewelry.

Mid 1900's.

Fabulous for designing. Wonderful addition to add elegance to earrings or any other creation. Can be used as spacers or as a central bead in a delicate design.

As seen in the reference text, "Les Perles de Mauritanie".

These strands vary in selection of beads and bead design. Bead sizes range from 4-9mm. Some of the beads on these particular strands have the more unusual, rare designs, and are a bit larger than normal too (7-9mm vs 6mm). Beads are in good condition but some have damage. In cases of very poor condition, I will add in a replacement bead in your order (this is relevant for strand c in particular.

You will receive the exact beads/strand in the photo. Please leave us a note on your preferred strand at checkout.

4 strands now available in this listing.

Antique and Vintage Item 541

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