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Antique Excavated Mixed Pearlized Venetian and Nila Beads from Mali - Rita Okrent Collection (AT0628e)

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These small antique mixed strands of Venetian and Nila beads beads glow, with almost a mother-of-pearl quality to them.

Bead diameters approximately 3-4mm each. 22”+ of beads on the strand. This doesn't count string or raffia.

Each strand will have a slightly different mix of beads, but the primary color is white and secondary color is off-white or beige. Then you get yellows, blues, greens and browns. The strand in the first photo is a good example of the strands available.

Colors are most apparent in these strands after washing them, wearing them or treating them with a bit of olive oil.

African Trade Item 0628e

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