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Antique Bohemian Idar-Oberstein Faceted Brown Maroon Carnelian Glass Beads, 1800's , Strand, Germany - RIta Okrent Collection (ANT401)

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Faceted Chunky Glass Beads, Made in Germany.

Idar Oberstein, Germany, was known for its bead production, including many Brazilian Agate beads.

These are beads that found their way into the African Trade in W. Africa.

40 beads on the strand. 26 inches of beads. Sold individually by the strand.

Beads measurements range around 17mm x 14mm to 18mm x 17mm. Bicone and other polygon shapes.

Some wear and chips due to age. These are old beads. Lots of well-matched beads with gorgeous deep maroon brown colors.

Photos show representative strands.

Antique and Vintage Item 401c





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