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Ancient Granite and Islamic Glass Beads with Mixed Antique Beads, Mali - Rita Okrent Collection (S542)

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Ancient Djenne mixed large naturally decorated granite beads, with several ancient Islamic glass beads and antique African Trade beads.

The gorgeous ancient granite beads are hand cut, with old techniques, and are hundreds of years old or older. This strand has a lot of useful beads of all shapes, colors and sizes.

2 eye beads with eyes. Dutch purple glass. Flat tabular antique stone. Blue and heavily patina Islamic glass (long and round shaped) - miscellaneous antique glass from the African Trade.

The strand measures approximately 26 inches with 53 beads total.

The beads range greatly in size/dimension and shape. The longest large green gray granite bead measures 51x18mm. The large light blue glass curvy tube bead measures 24x14mm. The large round Dutch glass bead (white) measures 20mm diameter. Fairly arge hole sizes on most beads.

Lots of beautiful beads and lots to work with in your designs.

Stone Item 542

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