Ancient Islamic Glass Beads with Trailed Designs and Eyes - AG120

Ancient Black and Yellow Islamic Glass Beads with Eyes and Trailed Designs, Strand, Mali.

These magnificent ancient glass beads from the Islamic era come from the West African country of Mali and are estimated to be from between 800-1200 A.D. They are in very good condition.

This strand includes mainly black and yellow trailed beads, but also a rare green and black trailed bead, a rare red and black trailed bead and 7 rare yellow cube shaped eye beads. 51 beads total on 28 inches of beads (excluding raffia).

The beads vary in size, with the range for the tube beads being approximately 13-20mm end-to-end and 6-8mm diameter.

Really a very special group of beads, wonderful for collecting or designing.

Ancient Glass Item 120

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