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Ancient Glass Bead, Middle East, with Off White Trails - Rita Okrent Collection (AG077b)

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Charming ancient glass bead originally from the Middle East - likely found in either Lebanon, Israel or Egypt.

Black with cream/off-white trails.

Damage on one end.

Sourced by Rita in the 1980's.

18 x 10 mm.

This is part of a large group of ancient glass beads that haven't been listed in a long time, and had less than optimal photography when they were listed, due to limited digital photography technology in 1999, when the original Rita Okrent website was built.

Circa early Islamic era, approximately CE 700-1400. As per bead expert, Jamey Allen: Islamic Period beads are ca. 1000 years old. Dating  from between ca CD 900-1200. They might be as early as CE 700, and as late as 1400. In 1400, Western Asian glass industries were destroyed by Tamerlane. And soon after, Egypt desisted as well. This is when Venice stepped in and became the glassmaker for all of Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Ancient Glass Item 077b

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