Ancient and Antique Carnelian Agate Stone Bead Strands, Mauritania or Mali - Rita Okrent Collection (S401cd)

Mixed Shape and Size Ancient Orange Carnelian Stone Agate Beads, in 28 inch strands. You'll find diamond shape, tubes, round and many other gorgeous beads on these strands with various levels of translucence.

Beads on these strands most likely date from 1200's to 1800's.

Beads ranging in size from 9mm-31mm hole-to-hole.

Soft edges with wear and age. Some beads have pockmarks from age.

28 inches of beads. 44 beads on Strand C and 47 beads on Strand D.

Strands sold individually. Please indicate your preference.

Stone Item 401c and d



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