36 Inch Long Strand of Blue Glass Islamic Eye Beads from Mauritania - Rita Okrent Collection (AG223)

Long strand of antique and ancient eye beads from Mauritania. Many exquisite beads on this strand.

These very special ancient excavated eye beads are found in Mauritania and Mali, specifically in the caravan towns of Timbuktu, Mopti, Djenne and Gao. They vary in design and wear, and iridescence, and are estimated to be somewhere in between 400-1000 years old.

Traded and worn to keep away the "evil eye" in many cultures across the Mediterranean.

36 inches of beads.

Mostly blue beads with about 7 green beads. Several beads have yellow eyes. One tube bead.

Bead sizes range from 8-16mm. 

A few beads on this strand have worn eyes. Bead at very end on one side is striped and is probably from the African Trade. Three beads appear to be newer. Some beads have a lot of wear. Price takes these factors into account.

Ancient Glass Item 223


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