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Rare Green-Hued Beige Antique Small Round Glass Excavated Beads, Europe via Mali - ANT321

Beige Green-Hued Antique Small Round Glass Excavated Beads.

27" strands. 5mm beads.

These beads come out of Mali, but were most likely originally produced in Europe in the 1800's or before. 

They were beige until we washed them and treated them with a bit of olive oil, and then the greens came out beautifully. It will be interesting to see how they wear over time. 

They are not perfectly round, but have rounded edges. These beads are in good condition and do not seem super fragile or crumbly. Beads range around 5mm each. 27 inches + beads per strand.

Pretty consistent strands. Main difference is if they have been cleaned yet. 

These seem like they'd be good as spacers and neutral beads in many designs.

Antique and Vintage Bead Item 321





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