Stone Beads

Ancient Amazonite, carnelian, Pre-Columbian stone beads, Neolithic agate and antique  jade beads were just some of the favorites in Rita's stone bead collection. Many of her favorite personal necklaces were made from her stone beads. Our collection of stone beads includes includes these beads as well as ancient rock crystal from Mali, gneiss granite beads from West Africa, ancient stone beads from the Arabian Peninsula and Middle East, Tibetan turquoise, ancient amazonite, antique carved and faceted carnelian agate, burial beads from Mali, pre-Columbian stone beads and pendants, ancient carnelian sardonyx, old Chinese jade, rock crystal, and ancient stone beads from the Middle East and Africa. Among the other rare and wonderful beads in this section you will also find jasper, howlite, malachite, rose quartz and turquoise.

Rita's collection of stone beads comes from many parts of the world, and varies broadly to include beads that are ancient, very old, antique and vintage.

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