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Mixed Size Deep Dark Blue Glass Ancient Nila and Koli Beads, Djenne, Mali - Rita Okrent Collection (AT1701)

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Deep Rich Dark Blue Glass Excavated Ancient Nila and Koli beads Beads, Djenne, Mali.

Circa 1200-1600 AD. Some of these beads were likely to have been manufactured along the Niger River. Some of the longer koli beads may have been produced in Germany and traded extensively by the Portuguese in West Africa.

This listing is a selection of strands that each differ, but all have longer bead sizes (ie more tube shapes), most with some translucence and a softer feel due to age and wear. All have a deep rich color (colors are mixed and vary). Really all strands are very nice, so it's just a matter of which include the beads you need for your designs and crafts.

Strands include beads measuring 2-6mm diameter. Bead lengths vary. Approximately 22" of beads per strand. Bead shapes vary but most are short tubes.

These wonderful beads are great for design of all sorts of necklaces and bracelets. They wear beautifully and feel luxuriously soft with their natural absorption of the body's oils. Really a favorite bead in the collection for so many reasons.

All strands pictured are available.

African Item 1701

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