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Extra Worn Mixed Antique Collectible Rock Crystal and Bohemian Glass Prayer Amulets, Long Strand, Niger - Rita Okrent Collection (ANT389)

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An interesting, rare and collectible strand of very worn antique rock crystal amulets and Bohemian-made glass hanging barrel bead amulets, shaped to resemble prayer amulets, found in Niger.

The glass amulets appear to be the same type of amulets that are listed in Antique and Vintage Item 309 and their prototypes, made of rock crystal (see reference in reference book, Collectible Beads, by Robert K. Liu,  p. 35).

Price is for entire strand. 72 amulets on strand.

Beads measure 17-24mm in length. Condition mixed as these are very worn. Shapes vary. Each is unique.

These are really unusual and would be good as jewelry design elements.

Range of ages from 100-200+ years old.

Antique and Vintage Item 389

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