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Antique Bulgarian Gilt Metal and Carved Mother-of-Pearl Belt Buckle Brooch - Rita Okrent Collection (C557)

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A rare mother of pearl ornamental belt buckle with carving of the Virgin Mary from the Annunciation. 1/2 of the belt buckle ornament set (only this one in our stock). Likely from the late 19th Century or earlier.  From the southern Bulgaria border  - Macedonia and Thracian regions. In good condition.

Would make a very special item for any collection or be great as a focal pendant or ornament in your artisan work.

Hook on top. Pin on back (added later). Weighs approximately 50 grams. 7.4 cm long (almost 3 inches) not including hook (8.5 cm with hook). 5.3 cm wide at widest point (2 inches).

Also called a "Pafti/Chaprazi" in Bulgarian language. 

See article on mother of pearl ornaments and these belt buckles here:

Collector Item 557

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