Red Sea Black Coral, Ebony and Bone Prayer Bead Strand with Inlaid Silver, Yemen - Rita Okrent Collection (C194)

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Antique Red Sea Black Coral and Ebony Prayer Bead Strand Tesbih with Inlaid Silver and Decorated Bone Beads, Yemen.

Circa 1930's or earlier for most of the beads on this strand.

Black Coral is rare and the beads can be identified by the shades of red and imperfections. The beads with the silver inlay appear to be ebony.

Silver inlay on six of the ebony beads, 2 black coral hanging pendants, 2 bone beads and large pendant.

32 black beads of which more than 25 are black coral. 17 inches of beads not including central pendant.

Collector's Treasures Item 194

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