Blue Islamic Ancient Glass Eye Beads, Mali - Rita Okrent Collection (AG110)

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Blue Islamic Ancient Glass Eye Beads, Mali.

These very special ancient excavated eye beads are found in Mauritania and Mali, specifically in the caravan towns of Timbuktu, Mopti, Djenne and Gao. They vary in design and wear, and iridescence, and are thought to be somewhere in between 600-1000 years old, or more.

Traded and worn to keep away the "evil eye" in many cultures across the Mediterranean.

Sold individually.

Sizes and designs vary per bead. Sizes generally range from 7-13mm. 

Let us know of any preferences in color, size, and eyes. You may select a specific bead from the photos. Your bead will have more than one eye on it and be in good condition (not broken or chipped).

Stunning for use in designs in a super elegant necklace of smaller beads with this as a focal bead!

Ancient Item 110

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